Media Center Setups – How to organize your pictures, music and videos on your computer and what software that can used to stream from the computer over your local network to your Big Screen TV and/or Audio/Video Receiver. What hardware like Fire Sticks, Roku, Apple TV, etc to use to access your media files on your computer and display/play them thru the Big Screen TV and/or Audio/Video Receiver. Also with all the devices, like Roku, Microsoft Xbox, Apple TV, DVD players, receivers, tvs, etc., they all have their own remote, so it is real easy to have up to 3-6 remotes to control everything, not what the how do I work this remote is desired. I recommend several universal remotes, the best one I like is the Harmony remote, it is one remote to deal with however many remotes you have and once setup can be a one button push to turn on Cable TV or Apple TV, each one is a series of actions called Activities that are assigned to one button, making for easy programming thru an app on either Android or Apple iOS to the Harmony base station.