As the worldwide business community meets the 21st Century, Brieger Technologies is prepared with the latest technological advances in the computer industry to keep you ahead of your competition. The future of your business demands and deserves the finest technical resources, and we believe Brieger Technologies fills that bill perfectly. We pride ourselves on the care and concern given to each and every client. We understand that your complete satisfaction is the key to our mutual growth and continued success.

Wayne R. Brieger is fully certified and proficient on Apple Macintosh and PC Windows computers. He graduated from University of Washington with a degree in Engineering and has been involved with Macintosh and PC computers since 1984. Since the advent of personal, as well as business, use of the Internet, Wayne has focused on gaining the knowledge to teach anyone, even the extreme novice, how to put this vast resource a key stroke away. Many people refer to him as the “hardware/software genius”. He also has significant network experience to help in designing your network or troubleshooting network issues. Vast experience in the Graphics and Advertising Industries to help meet your particular needs.